Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pictures do you take?
I never count! Because I shoot digitally, there is no end to how much “film” I have at one time. With different packages, you can receive up to 10, 100, or even 1,000 photos. It all depends on the event. I do snap more than that, but I do you the favor of taking out the test shots, closed eyes, squinting, and crazy hair. All the images are edited for color, exposure, sharpness, white balance, and sized to however large or small you would like.

2. How do we book and what's your payment plan?
Booking is super simple: just contact me today and we can set up a photoshoot. If you have a specific date, time of day, or location you want to shoot I can make that happen. I recommend mornings or early evening times as the beaches are less crowded, and the hot temperatures have retreated so you will enjoy the experience more. 

3. How is the best way to pay?
I have different options for payment including Cash, Zelle, PayPal, and Venmo. 

4. Is there a deposit required?
Yes, but it will be deducted from the total cost of the photoshoot. It is nonrefundable. 

5. Are you expensive?
I'm proud to say that I keep costs as low as possible. While some photographers around South Carolina, charge over $1,000 for an hour session, you will find that all of my photoshoots are much lower. Give me a call or message so I can share with you the very reasonable pricing I offer for photoshoots. 

6. If I don't like my pictures can I get a refund? 
No refunds. But I will always try to make sure the pictures are exactly what you want in coloring, size, scale, and lighting. 

7. When will we get our pictures?
I have one of the fastest turnaround times in the country for fully edited pictures. Depending on your photo package, many of your edited pictures will be digitally available within 72 hours. 

8. Can I just have all the pictures you take, unedited? 
No. What you are asking for is like asking a baker to hand you the ingredients to their best cake and you try to make it. Allowing me to edit, size, format, and choose them for you makes sure that you receive the best product. There is no photo package that I give unedited photos. 

9. What if I have editing software?
Still no. I have had 20 years of professional experience, not only with the camera, but with the best editing, sizing, and formatting software that costs as much as college tuition. I have been professionally trained and educated for photography. If you want unedited pictures I'm probably not the photographer for you.

10. Will our pictures be shared in your portfolio or website?
They most certainly could be! I do not promise that they will, but, I love to share pictures of happy people enjoying their time on the beach and this wonderful area I call home!   

11. What should we wear? 
The important thing to remember is to be comfortable with whatever you are wearing. I always recommend solid colors and very little patterns or stripes. If you are doing beach pictures I recommend light colors: whites, khakis, and pastels are great. (Plus they are so much cooler for you to wear on a hot day!) I also will repeatedly tell everyone to prepare for the wind! The beach constantly has wind, it might not be noticeable when laying out tanning, but it will be during pictures! Bring hair clips, pins, hats, or keep your hair up. (Ladies if you do not want your hair to be windblown, or your bra straps to be seen make sure your hair is up and your tops cover everything, I will not remove bra straps or replace hair in your pictures. If you want that as part of your package, that will be agreed on and added to the package before your photoshoot.) I highly recommend wearing flip-flops because you will probably be going barefoot.

12. How should we prepare for the photoshoot?
Great question! If you have little ones please have them fed, awake, and ready for some fun! (We want happy pictures, so happy children are a must.) If your children, or adults, in the party are light-sensitive bring sunglasses. If you need to wear sunglasses during the photoshoot that is fine. Please remember that kids and adults will most likely get sandy, wet, and messy. To get the best pictures on the beach feet are getting wet, at the bare minimum. If your little ones love the water they will probably get in, and those usually are the best pictures! The beach will be windy, bring hair reinforcements: pins, clips, ties. No amount of hairspray will keep hair out of your face. If you don't like wind-blown hair make sure to have your hair clipped, or styled away from your face. (Again, hair spray is no match for beach wind--so be prepared!) 

13. Do you have experience taking pictures of differently abled people? 
Yes! I have done countless photoshoots with children and adults of all different abilities. No matter if your child is neurodiverse and needs or does not need certain stimuli, please let me know, I will be sure to make the session as comfortable and enjoyable for them and you! If your party needs different accommodations, I can make that happen. Please inform me of these things through your session registration. If a member of your party needs wheelchair access or a beach wheelchair please let me know and I will make sure we reserve the best spot for a photoshoot. I have props including chairs, benches, and more to make sure every member of your family is comfortable and happy for the photoshoot.       

14. I see some pictures have props, do we need to bring anything? 
If you are having a graduation photoshoot, or something special, you are more than welcome to bring hats, ballet shoes--anything that shows your personality! We can always talk more about how to make your photo session special. For a family beach photoshoot you don't need to bring anything. I can bring props, including beach toys, chairs, inflatables, and more. Please give me the ages of everyone in the group so I know what props will work best. (Also if you have a birthday, anniversary, or celebration in the group let me know...I will have a few surprises!) 

15. Is there anything we shouldn't wear? 
A frown! Besides that, I tell everyone to try their best to cut down on logos or any clothing with big words or images on them. No stripes, or multi-patterned tops please. They can be distracting in a picture and take the spotlight away from your face. The more light of a color palette is best for Spring and Summer pictures, think pastels, baby blues, light pinks, and greens. Remember to make sure to not where stripes. Look at the pictures on this website to get an idea of what to wear.  

16. What if the weather looks bad the day of my photoshoot?

No worries! I prefer to schedule photoshoots early during your visit to give us extra time in case of bad weather. I track the weather with multiple websites, meteorologists, and apps, so I am always on top of the weather. Sometimes we might just need to move the photoshoot up or back an hour, sometimes we need to move the actual day, as long as you schedule EARLY during your visit I promise we will make the photoshoot happen! I have been able to reschedule photoshoots during other days of a vacation.

Lindsay is an amazing and very talented photographer! Her demeanor and patience while working with children are both excellent, and she truly has a talent for capturing every photo subject's personality! I cannot say enough that I strongly recommend her for all of your photo needs! Thank you for each awesome picture, Lindsay!
Amanda Lydon, Sauquoit, New York